Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Lizard Story

Maryanne has some funny friends who live in her car. George, the green and orange gecko, has been living on her dashboard for a couple of years and just recently another gecko, George the Small and a snake, Snakey, have joined him. They go everywhere with Maryanne and Mohamed and sometimes Mohamed takes pictures of them while he's waiting for Maryanne in the car.

The other day he was taking a nap in the car while Maryanne was in the bookshop and he woke up when he heard tiny voices. George Small was on the steering wheel and he had a coin in his sticky fingers. Mohamed said it was one of new one Egyptian pound coins. They're pretty with the brass in the middle and silver around the edge. He was saying to George Big "Look, George. I have a pound and I will give it to you if you tell me a story".

Mohamed was very surprised. He didn't know that geckos knew fact, he didn't know that our geckos could talk. George Big was on the steering wheel too and he also had a coin in his sticky feet. Mohamed wondered what story George Big might tell to George Small. But again, he was surprised. George Big said, "George Small, I have a headache from sitting in the sun all day and I can't think of any stories."

"Oh, George Big, I'm so sorry. But I really wanted to hear a story and I've watched Mohamed and Maryanne give people these metal things for stuff so I thought maybe you'd like one. But you have one already, don't you?" George Big nodded and said that they weren't as good as stories anyway.

The geckos looked out the window and saw Maryanne coming to the car from the bookstore. She had a bag of books with her and the geckos were happy. Someone would be telling them a story soon.

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