Friday, December 25, 2009

Minnie Comes to Cairo

Hey! It's Da Moose here. I've been really busy lately but I want to introduce you to my friend Minnie Moose. She came here with my buddy Paddi from Canada when Paddi came to visit Maryanne this year. Minnie is a little odd since she's white, but she said that has to do with her birthday which is near Christmas. Everything here in Egypt gets dusty, so maybe she won't stay white long.

Since Minnie just came here, we decided that we should show her around the town a bit. The first thing that we did was to stop by the embassy to register her so that they knew that there was a new Canadian in town. Then we went to Zamalek because Maryanne needed to go shopping for some Christmas presents. We were going to go to Diwan to buy some books. Maryanne really likes books. When we got out of the car, we were near a shop filled with really old stuff. There was this chair outside the shop in the shape of an elephant and we got a chance to climb in and pretend to ride the elephant. Maryanne says that her children used to do the same thing many years ago.

Maryanne and Paddi said that they were hungry then so we went to Maison Thomas for some pizza. Minnie and I just watched. Moose don't eat pizza. We like vegetables and they didn't really have any for us. When they finished lunch we went across the road to Diwan to look at books. Minnie and I had never been to a bookstore before.

Bookstores are wonderful places. I've never seen so many books with pictures and stories. They were in English, Arabic and all sorts of other languages. We didn't know what to look at first. There were stories about people, stories about animals, wonderful stories.

Maryanne and Paddi wanted to look around so Minnie and I found a comfortable chair and looked at a book about Nemo. It was the story of a fish who got lost and then his family found him again. Minnie is too little to read so I read it to her. It was in French but since I'm a Canadian moose, I could do that. I bet you didn't know that.

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