Sunday, March 28, 2010

Da Moose Does Da Pyramids With Friends

Paddi came to visit us again this winter from Canada and while she was here she decided to take the grooms at Maryanne's farm to the Pyramids at Giza. They had grown up only a few miles from the pyramids but had never actually visited them! Amazing! But Maryanne said that lots of people grow up near famous places and never visit them. Anyway, we all took a trip to the pyramids, Da Moose, Minnie Moose, and Al Camel, a friend that Paddi decided should come home with her to Canada. Oh yeah, and three grooms, Maryanne, Paddi and India, a vet who was visiting from England. Maryanne took me to the pyramids before but this was my first time to take friends.
No matter what anyone says, the pyramids at Giza are BIG! Almost too big for us to see them all. I also wanted my friends to see the Solar Boat. Maryanne said that is a boat for the pharoah to sail with the Sun. Most boats sail in the water. I wanted to see this. We all stood in line for our tickets. Because we were so small, they didn't cost anything. Then we went inside to see the boat. It looked a lot like a sort of Viking boat with a high front and back, but really big and it was sort of floating in the air. The stairs in the museum went all around it. Al, Minnie and I all thought it was pretty cool and probably a good thing that it wasn't meant to go in the water because it looked like there were some holes in it. Maryanne said that after such a long time, the wood would shrink and it wasn't made with holes in it.

After we saw the boat, we went out to a place in the desert where people can take pictures of all the pyramids at Giza together. Mostly people go out there to be silly in pictures of the pyramids. India and Paddi had to stand on the wall with Minnie and Al while Maryanne and I took their picture in front of the pyramids. Lots of people were pretending to touch the tops of pyramids or hold them in their fingers. It looks very odd when they are doing it but I guess it works in the picture.

Al and I decided to ask the Tourist Police if people got arrested for picking up pyramids in pictures, but Maryanne said that we were being very silly ourselves. After taking some of their own silly pictures, Paddi, India and the boys went for a ride on a camel. Al, Minnie and I wanted to go too, but Maryanne said that we were too small and she would take us down to where we would meet the others near the bottom of the hill.

There was a restaurant down there, a Pizza Hut, where Paddi had promised the boys to buy them lunch. The pizza looked okay to me, and Maryanne, Paddi and India liked it just fine, but the boys had never eaten in Pizza Hut and they thought it was sort of strange. After lunch, India and Paddi wanted to look at some really old pictures of the pyramids in the bookstore next door, but we were getting tired and this old lion goddess offered to let us sit in her lap. That was very nice of her. Maryanne said that it was very, very nice of her because she had been the goddess of war in the old days.

The pyramids are a pretty cool place to visit but the next time I go I want to ride a camel too. And it's amazing how silly people act when they are hanging around a huge pile of rocks.

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Paddi Sprecher said...

Hay Moose good to hear from you. I am liking Canada fine. It is still cold to me but others are saying it is spring. They think it is warm. I am looking forward to a fun summer. Our friend India is coming from England to spend some time. We are going to take the horses and go to the mountains. Paddi is already packing for her next trip to Egypt. She says they are spending Christmas there this time. Some of your relatives are also coming with her. You will have a good holiday with your family visiting.
Your friend
Al Gamel