Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Visiting Places In Maadi

The other day Maryanne decided to take me to Maadi again to visit a place she calls CSA. Pretty silly name for a place if you ask me. Later I found out that CSA is short for Community Services Association and it's a nice place after all. They have all sorts of classes for people who want to learn to speak languages, or learn to cook or paint. I didn't see any classes in Moose in the languages though.

The people there were really friendly. There was even a little teeny dog who comes to work with her person at the front desk while I was there. We talked a while and the dog told me about the coffee shop where they sell all sorts of sandwiches and treats. I liked that part. All moose like treats, but I haven't been able to find any blueberries here at all. That is sort of sad. They are a moose's favourite treat.

One very cool thing at CSA was the library. It had a lot of fun looking books to read there. I don't know how to read but Maryanne will read to me sometimes. I like books with adventures in them. Cowboy stories are pretty good, but I don't understand any of this space stuff and traveling in rocket ships. I don't think any moose has done that yet. I'm probably the first moose in Egypt. We moose aren't really big on travel. I think that's partly because of our antlers. They don't fit in very many places.

One lady told us to go upstairs to see the exercise rooms because there was a dance class for children up there. We climbed up to see what was up there and it was pretty interesting. One big room had mirrors and a lady was playing in there with a group of children who were running and dancing and jumping with music. It looked like a lot of fun and I wanted to join but Maryanne says that you have to sign up for the class.

Outside of the big room was another exercise place for big people. It had a bunch of running places and some bicycles that people use for getting tired. They seem to think that this is a good idea. I'm not so sure about it myself. Just looking at those things made me feel tired. But it's pretty neat that there is a place like CSA in Maadi for the people who live there. Libraries, treats, and even times when they sell all sorts of neat stuff....Maryanne says that she'll take me to one of those bizarre days some time.

After we'd had fun at CSA for a while I found out why we had come into Maadi. Maryanne had an appointment with her friend Kye, who is a Kyropractor. I didn't know what a Kyropractor is either but Kye offered to show me. She had me lie down on a nice bed and she gave me a massage with this buzzy thing. She said that when I get as old as Maryanne (and Maryanne is OLD!) my back will like having her do something she calls an adjustment on it. I don't know about the adjustment, but Kye can use the buzzy thing on my back anytime she wants.


Dina said...

Thanks for telling about your fun day, Moose!

Cairo Typ0 said...

As a girl who brings her bunny on every trip, this blog is not only hilarious, but somehow makes me feel better about my relationship with Fuzz. Of course, now he wants his own blog... :D

Texas said...

I have visited Maadi/Cairo and I enjoy reading your blog. This one was especially enjoyable because my husband (who travels to Egypt)just returned from Canada with -- wait for it-- a moose for our daughter. I can't wait to show her Da Moose..she will love it!