Saturday, April 26, 2008

Visiting Giza Pyramids

One of the problems of being a young moose is the fact that you can't just go anywhere you want on your own. But Maryanne is pretty nice about taking me places. The other day we went to see the big pyramids here in Giza...really, really big pyramids. These things are the biggest piles of rocks I've ever seen. They are pretty interesting too. So many people come here to see them.

There are signs everywhere to say not to climb on the pyramids, but lots of the visitors climb on them a little bit. The rocks are so huge that kids need a grown up to help them get up and down on them. But to find these big rocks is so cool, who can resist climbing on them? Even grown ups climb up on them and some of them act pretty silly up there too. You can go inside the pyramids, at least some of them, but the tunnels inside are small and crowded. They aren't too bad for kids and a small moose, but most of the grown ups come out groaning about backs and legs and stuffy air.

Almost everywhere you look at the pyramids there are people selling interesting things like little statues of people with animal heads on them. Maryanne said that they were statues of the old Egyptian gods and goddesses. I don't know much about that but they were kind of fun to look at and the guys selling them really seemed to want me to have one or two of them. I didn't think that it was very nice that Maryanne didn't want to buy them for me. I could have come home with a car full of people with animal heads, post cards, and other stuff. Not fair if you ask me.
Other guys had lots of pretty pyramids in different colours and then there were the guys who offered camel and horse rides. There is so much going on at the pyramids that it's almost like a carnival. That's what Maryanne kept saying too. "This place is such a circus!"

The pyramids are really, really, really old. I think that they are about 7 or 8 thousand years old. I can't figure out how old that really is but they are older than most of the things that we saw when we went on our Nile cruise. Apparently, it was like the grandfather or great grandfather of the pharoah who made the biggest pyramid who invented pyramids in the first place and built one in Dahshur called the Red Pyramid. So these aren't the first pyramids but they are the biggest.

Visiting pyramids is fun. There are so many people running around, kids coming up to you saying "Hello. What is your name?" even though they don't seem to know what to answer if you ask what their name is. There are horses with people riding them, horses pulling carriages, camels with people riding, camels alone...maybe Maryanne is right and it really is some kind of circus.

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