Monday, February 11, 2008

Da Moose Comes To Egypt

You might ask how a moose came to Egypt. Of course you will because I'm probably the only moose in Cairo. Well, my friend Paddi decided to run away from the snow in Alberta, Canada, and she asked me to come along. I like the sun as much as anyone else, so I said yes. We went to the airport where a bunch of people took suitcases from us and sent us to sit in a little room until the airplane was ready. Finally, someone called out on a radio to say that we could get on the plane. Paddi and I found our seat and we started our trip. Flying on airplanes is very boring and I fell asleep.

After a long time, I woke up to find myself in a much warmer place than Alberta. The sun was shining and Paddi told me that I was at a farm. The lady who owns the farm was giving horseback riding lessons in a big ring with a bunch of nice horses. I watched them for a while and then looked around to see who else was there. There were goats, sheep, something that looked like a cow but they were calling it a ga-moose. Do they have moose here? A lot of dogs. It's winter here and people were saying it's cold, but it was much warmer than Canada.

There were some smaller horses with fuzzy hair..they said that they were the paddock with the goats and the funny cow. Donkeys are very friendly but they don't seem to understand that pulling a moose off a fence by the ear isn't nice. But they were just being funny and wanted to play. I told them I could come and play another day.

There was one very small horse that kept coming up to visit me. The people said that her name is Shams which means sunshine. Usually very small horses are with their mothers, but Shams' mom had been sick so the people took care of her and fed her milk from a very big bottle and she follows people everywhere. They asked if I wanted to try riding a very small horse and I said sure. One of the guys there put me on her back to try riding but this riding is pretty tough. It's hard to keep your balance and I was getting pretty tired by this time. I am just a young moose after all. I wasn't so unhappy when Paddi said that it was time for bed. I fussed a bit just to make sure that no one thought I'd be happy to go to bed and miss all the rest of the fun, but really that pillow felt so nice. There would be plenty of time for more exploring the next day.

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The Raven said...

Go Da Moose!

Da Moose and The Raven
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